Starting from customer requirements

Qitec sensors and sensor solutions are designed to your product and business. We start by looking at your need, objectives and the practical requirements at deployment.

Our sensors combine reliability and high accuracy throughout the operating temperature and pressure range and throughout the product life cycle. They consume very little power and have the smallest smallest form factor. Depending on customer requirements, the sensors embed communications, security and processing power. The packaging is chosen to optimize product performance. As a result, the sensors offer unique advantages and are easiest to design in and deploy.

We deliver products that maximise the benefits of most advanced pressure sensors.

Qitec Sensor Modules

  • Absolute pressure sensors
  • Altimeters
  • Barometers
  • Bathymeters
  • Blood pressure sensors
  • Differential pressure sensors
  • Disposable blood pressure sensors
  • Environmental pressure sensors
  • Flow sensors
  • Force sensors
  • High pressure sensors
  • Tire pressure sensors