Embedding and networking high performance sensors at critical locations lead to higher quality and higher efficiency in service and maintenance. Sensors can detect wear or break-down of a part in the device, send alerts of weakened performance or request for immediate service. Remote and self-control decrease need for check-up visits and help focus field workers’ time effectively.

The Qitec industrial sensor solutions include reliable, high performance and ultra low power sensors that are embedded or attached to critical locations, e.g. in cranes, HVAC equipment and valves. Sensors are secure and networked. Thanks to smallest form factor, the sensors fit smallest devices. The solution is customized to meet the needs and operating environment of each customer and suitable for demanding ATEX environment.


  • High performance sensors that detect smallest changes and provide data for early warning system
  • Ultra low power sensors for stand-alone devices
  • Sensors with smallest form factor to fit smallest devices
  • Networked sensors with remote and self-control
  • Secure sensors that cannot be accessed unauthorized
  • Intelligent system that provides analysed data in an appropriate manner to an appropriate device
  • Suitable for ATEX environment Contact for more information.

Contact for more information.


  • Enhanced quality of service and maintenance
  • Enhanced cost efficiency of service and maintenance
  • Decreased equipment down time
  • Smooth flow of processes