The Qitec Tire Pressure Sensors measure directly and accurately the tire pressure and temperature of each tire. The sensor reports via Tire Pressure Sensor Module to the vehicle’s instrument cluster, a corresponding monitor or, for instance, the driver’s phone. The Qitec Tire Pressure Monitoring System detects under-inflation, leaking valve and leaking tire. The system measures the smallest changes in tire temperature and pressure enabling early detection and identification of the cause of the change. The driver is given recommendations for action.

The Qitec Tire Pressure Monitoring System is intelligent and learning system that knows about the environment and context, and provides analysed data at the right time at the right device. The advanced system highlights the key benefits of TPMS: increased road safety and environmental benefi


In order to make full use of TPMS, the driver needs to get analysed data. This means that the system identifies the cause of the problem, for instance, if there is a breaking tire, a nail in the tire or a leaking valve. A nail in the tire or a breaking tire requires prompt action. Adding pressure may accentuate the problem. A leaking valve may be addressed in a while and adding pressure may give time to fix the problem in a convenient time. A well designed TPMS recommends concrete and corrective measures.

The Qitec Tire Pressure Monitoring System is on whether the vehicle is moving or parked. If the system detects a severe problem while the vehicle is parked, the system sends an alert to the registered driver’s mobile phone.


  • High reliability. No false alarms.
  • Alerts to appropriate device with clear action recommendation
  • Early warning system
  • Online data service
  • No need to replace batteries
  • Fuel savings
  • Increased road safety


Maximum error 0.6 % at full pressure and temperature scale
Resolution 0.05 kPa
Size of pressure sensor component 2 mm * 2 mm * 0.6 mm
Pressure range 100-800 kPa (applicable also to utility vehicles)
Current consumption < 100 µA, even with high sampling rate, with embedded energy harvesting, no need to replace batteries
Sampling rate In active mode: > 32 times per min. Parked: once per min.
Processor 16 bit
Temperature range -40…+125 °C
Security Embedded high security to prevent unauthorized access
Communications via CAN and/or WLAN interfaces

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Smallest form factor

The Qitec Tire Pressure Sensors have the smallest form factor: they take space less than 10% of what the currently available sensors do. As a result, the sensor has minimum impact on tire. Material savings result in cost savings.

High accuracy, high sensitivity and high sampling rate at the core

TThe Qitec Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors are ten times more sensitive than typical TPMS sensors in the market. Sensitivity is crucial in order to detect small deviations and to be able to identify the cause of the problem and recommend right corrective measures.

Similarly, high sampling rate is required to get detailed data for analysis when something occurs. The Qitec Tire Pressure Sensors have high sampling rate and feed real time data very fast, in a second, when needed.

Flexible user interface and choice of device

The user interface of the Qitec TPMS is flexible and the system selects appropriate channel. Alerts are sent to the vehicle’s instrument cluster or to a separate device in the vehicle, or, for instance, to a mobile phone.

Less critical information can be stored and accessed online. The driver may select what he or she wants to view and at what level of detail.

High reliability

The Qitec TPMS is a self monitoring system. It sends an alert in case of decreased performance.

High accuracy, high sensitivity and high sampling rate mean that the system has a lot of data available for analysis. This increases reliability of the system output.

Optional features

The Qitec Tire Pressure Monitoring System detects acceleration, vibration, rotation, torsion, road condition, friction and distance to other vehicles. The sensors detect collision, blind spots and break plate condition and can include anti-theft system.