Outstanding User Experience

The patented Qitec 3D Touch offers high usability and excellent user experience for consumers and industrial customers alike. It performs well in demanding conditions, may be used gloves on and enables building user interfaces that stand out. Because Qitec 3D Touch detects touch location and force of the touch, the potential of gesture recognition is far more extensive and can significantly simplify use in practise.


It is suitable for any solid material. The Qitec 3D Touch products are HMI modules, input systems, operating and control panels, touch panels, remote controllers, keypads, industrial housing systems and elevator operating panels.

Qitec Touch solutions include

  • Qitec 3D Touch
  • Qitec 3D Ultimate Touch that combines the benefits of multitouch and force touch
  • Qitec Isometric Touch for most ergonomic touch UI
  • Qitec Tough Touch for rugged devices

If required, we build in strong hardware level security for devices and applications, such as banking, healthcare and defence. We provide security solutions to prevent cloning of the devices.


Intuitive and Easy


Qitec 3D Touch allows zooming in just by pressing on the target, e.g. a map, an image or a document slightly. Zooming out and moving to any direction on the map can also be done just by one finger. The other hand is left free.


Typing with Qitec 3D Touch keyboard is easy and fast. Qitec 3D Touch accurately detects location and force of the touch. Sensitivity is adjustable based on application. Typing in a moving vehicle is facilitated by optimizing sensitivity. Capital letters are typed just by pressing the key harder.

Qitec 3D Touch Outdoors

Outdoors mean many things: bright or direct sunlight, rain, extreme temperatures, moisture and dust. Qitec 3D Touch offers excellent sun readability and allows building devices that are dust, water and chemical resistant. Qitec 3D Touch functions in heat and in cold, and gloves on. Qitec 3D Touch ensures performance under the toughest condition tolerating drop, shock, vibration and abrasion.

Many times only one hand is available for a mobile device – carrying a bag, holding an umbrella or using car navigation. Qitec 3D Touch measuring pressure of a touching finger provides intuitive and comfortable control also when only one hand is available.

We produce touch devices that are very thin and still designed to last, e.g. mobile phones that are less than 5 mm in thickness. Being thin, light and durable, the devices are easy to carry with and reach from a pocket. Qitec 3D Touch is suitable for wearable computing for indoors and out.