Intuitive one finger use and navigation

Qitec 3D Touch simplifies navigation and use by a finger. Detecting the accurate location and measuring the pressure of the touch, Qitec 3D Touch is an easy to use for intuitive user interface. For instance, zoom in and out is done just by pressing on the spot at the display.

Smart accuracy

Qitec 3D Touch sensitivity is automatically adjusted based on the application or location, e.g. the user in a moving vehicle. These features enhance accuracy and also minimise typing errors.

Great visibility and thin devices

Qitec 3D Touch has neither optically distorting layers nor membranes on the top of or under the display. There is no optical distortion. As a result, colours are bright and images crystal clear. Devices are also thinner and more comfortable to wear.


Qitec 3D Touch gives brands freedom to design and bring to market distinctive, brand aligned devices that appeal to target customers:

  • Qitec 3D Touch materials include glass, plastics, metal, ceramics, wood, stones and leather. Basically any solid materials could be used for the active Qitec 3D Touch area.
  • Qitec 3D Touch areas are flat or curved surfaces enabling designers to use any shapes for touch area.
  • Qitec 3D Touch allows building very thin devices, e.g. touch display mobile phones that are less than 5 mm thin.
  • Qitec 3D Touch is suitable for fixed function buttons and replaces mechanical function buttons and scroll bars with durable and stylish touch surface.


Any touching object

Use by a finger, gloves on or by a pen.

Outdoors and indoors

Qitec 3D Touch operates both in high and low temperatures, also in sub zero temperatures.

Rugged devices

Qitec 3D Touch provides durable structures and water resistance for rugged devices that are suitable for e.g. outdoor sports.

Batteries that last

Qitec 3D Touch is a low power consuming touch solution.