Reliable elevator operating panels

The Qitec Elevator Panel is ideal for operating an elevator. It is reliable and durable, tolerating shocks and abrasion. The panel meets the elevator standard requirements (e.g. ADA, vandal resistancy, IEC60529 and DIN40050-9). The panel replaces mechanical buttons in current elevator car operating panels (COP) and landing operating panels (LOP). An even and gapless surface is easy to keep and hygienic.
The Qitec Elevator Panel works in a wide temperature range (from -45C to +90C) and independent of whether the finger is moist or dry, or whether the user has gloves on. Braille text is easy to integrate onto the panel.
The Qitec Elevator Panel is remotely monitored. The panel has an automatic alert system in case of decreased performance or a fault.
The Qitec Elevator Panels are provided with displays, microphones, loudspeakers, cameras and elevator locks. The display content is remotely updated. The panels are water, dust, acid or other chemical proof as per customer specification.

The Qitec Elevator Panel is energy efficient and suitable for battery-operated and energy harvesting devices.