Unrivalled reliability, durability and ease of use

The Qitec Industrial Panel has been developed to meet the strictest requirements of industrial use. Ease of use, reliability and durability were the key objectives in the development and design. By built-in flexibility in choice of materials, in shape and the patented Qitec 3D Touch solution, the Qitec Industrial Panel offers the most in all these respects without additional cost.
The Qitec Industrial Panel varies from 2″ to over 32″ in size, and is suitable to handheld devices, tablets as well as to be integrated onto the front panel or wall. The materials can be freely selected and the panel may include a display. The Qitec Industrial Panel consumes less power than other touch solutions and is therefore better suitable also in battery-based devices.


Depending on the need, the Qitec Industrial Panels are delivered as water, dust, acid or other chemical proof. The panel tolerates abrasion, shocks, vibration and long term stress as well as changes in temperatures. Added reliability is brought by remote monitoring of the panel and automatic alert in a case of decreased performance or a fault.

The Qitec Industrial Panel is easy to use, thanks to the most advanced touch solution in the market, the patented Qitec 3D Touch. Qitec 3D Touch offers unparalleled accuracy, suitable for a pen use or many signature applications. The operational touch area is extendible outside the display area, onto the surface of steel, aluminium, plastics or ceramics.

Qitec Industrial Panels are used to replace mechanical keys and other moving parts to reduce wear and improve ergonomy. The touch interface may be used by a finger, gloves on, a pen or any other touching object. Tactile feedback enhances user experience.

Threshold is set from lighter typing to stronger push to activate an alarm system or turn the device on/off. The touch areas have multifunctional operations depending on the touching force used for pressing the touch panel. These functions are updated and changed electronically.

The Qitec Industrial Panel is easy to integrate onto any device. We offer modular touch solutions and manufacture complete housings to our customers as per customer request. We provide products with ADA compliance.