We are dedicated to enhance the quality of life by providing new generation of health & care solutions and services. We serve a variety of health service organizations with advanced, cognitive solutions that address most common diseases, rare yet costly diseases and support providing best care in terms of convenience and efficiency to the patient and to the health service provider.

We partner with IBM on analytics.

Qitec Health solutions and services utilize artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies, intelligent sensors and sensor products. Patient data is stored, analysis is made based on specific measurements, on historical data and on comparative data of the peer group. Researchers and doctors may rely on Big data and analytics tools to gain deeper insight in a particular situation. Our system also supports sharing up-to-date data and findings.


Our solutions and services are used, for instance, to measure effectiveness of medication and make adjustments if needed. Or, after a surgery, to remotely monitor the overall condition of the patient and get an early warning in case of a potential complication.

In the hospital environment or home wireless monitoring helps keeping patients active without compromising their safety. Strong data security is used to protect data and privacy.